2017.08.06 Sunday

This bench was displayed at the store, made from Japanese cypress. Its rounded edges and soft wooden color gives it a charming look.There is a beautiful wood grain pattern on the surface of the bench. We are putting on the finishing touches, as it was sold last week.

At the customer's request, we sanded down some of the bumps. As soon as some of the wood came off, we were surrounded with the scent from the tree. It's interesting how a tree keeps its aroma even after it has been dried for many years. Incidentally, the old wooden boards in Houryuji gives off a brilliant smell too when they are sanded.

2017.08.08 Tuesday

The table legs are painted in wine red. They will be supporting a tabletop (a slab of Japanese horse chestnut wood) Because it is a transparent color, you can see the beautiful grain of the wood. It will be a gorgeous dining table.

2017.08.10 Thursday

These two Narra slabs will be tables. Narra wood is very had and strong. They have beautiful grain which are called Budo(grapes)-moku and Tama(abacus beads)-moku. Mr. Boss(who owns this business) told me that trees with a beautiful wood grain is only 1 in thousands.

2017.08.12 Saturday

We went to repair a 7 year old front door. It had black stains because of rain and dust.

We sanded it down and repainted it carefully, and it was reborn into a beautiful door. The clearness of stained-glass matches the bright oak color very well.

2017.08.14 Monday

A low table made from Japanese horse chestnut.

Usually it is used as a table top for Hori-gotatsu, but there is another part to the table, which can be attached together to make one large table(190cm in length).

2017.08.17 Thursday

We delivered the wine red colored table legs which we introduced here the other day to its new home!

Its top is made of Japanese horse chestnut. It suits this new chic living room perfectly!

2017.08.19 Saturday

We painted legs for the Narra wood table top which I introduced on August 10.

The color gradually become deeper, with a matte black finish. This color gives the table a sophisticated look. It is the perfect table to have in a study.

2017.08.21 Monday

around 1963  at a storage of raw wood.

The child sitting on on a wood is business owner of Kiraku Woodwork shop. He is the third generation of wood business family, that why he knows a lot about wood.

2017.08.24 Thursday

Father of Kiraku workshop owner. He used to run a business of wood, too. He is measuring the length of a Japanese Zelkova tree in the photo.

2017.08.26 Saturday

The grandfather of Kiraku wood workshop's owner (Mr. Boss).
He started a wood business in Fukagawa, Tokyo in 1951.
This business is still being carried on by his grandson.

2017.08.28 Monday

Kiso cypress, the best brand of Japanese cypress. It looks as if it has light within it. It is delicate, faint and beautiful.

2017.08.30 Wednesday

We are using an overhead crane to carry the heavy wood slabs.

The slab hanging from the crane is Japanese cypress,
which came from Yakushima (a World Heritage site).