2017.09.02 Saturday

We went to Makuhari to deliver a dining table and bench. The table top is Japanese Yakushima cedar.

The bench is made from ceder's burl. Both of them has a gorgeous grain.

2017.09.04 Monday

2017.09.06 Wednesday

We made a furniture delivery to a customer in Fukushima.They have been collecting KIRAKU furniture for several years now so their house is full of furniture made from real wood!

The furniture that we brought this time were: one Keyaki table top, two Narra table tops, and two telephone stands.

2017.09.08 Friday>

We made a delivery to a brand new house. The combination of the white walls and authentic wood was very beautiful.

The two tables can be connected into a large dining table. The height can be adjusted by using different types of legs.

This is a bath tab cover made of Japanese cypress. The cypress gives off a good smell in the bath room.

2017.09.09 Saturday
We are having a big sail now. It's on every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays until October 15. Don't miss it!

2017.09.11 Monday

These Tochi (Japanese horse chestnut) tables were sold on the same day. They are from the same tree, but each has its own unique beauty.

One will be delivered next month, and the other will be delivered in February of next year after the customer moves to a new house.

We always keep the sold table tops at our storage warehouse until the customers need it.

We will issue a certificate for bought furniture, and we will keep your furniture safe until you need it!

2017.09.13 Wednesday

An artist bought this board. It will be a pedestal to exhibit her art work.

We sanded the board and cleaned the dust off. Marks like ancient script emerged under the bark, which was actually done by bugs.

We left traces of the saw blade on purpose and it became an interesting board. The artist liked the board very much!

2017.09.15 Friday

This is the process of finishing table tops. We do step 1 to step 4 to prevent cracking and bending.

【Step1, 1st photo】Sanding down the surface to a smooth finish.

【Step2, 2nd photo】Apply base coat.

【Step3, 3rd phoro】Apply middle coat.

【Step4, 4th photo】Apply top coat.

We made a delivery of this table top of Yakusima cedar this week. The legs were made of Yakushima cedar, too. It was a very gorgeous low table!

2017.09.16 Saturday

2017.09.18 Monday

2017.09.20 Wednesday

We made a delivery of table legs and chairs to Otugawa, Kahiwa-shi.

The customer already had a beautiful "Tuga" (Japanse hemlock) table top which was used as a low table. Now she wanted to change it to a dining table so that it would be easier to sit and stand. A renovation unique to long lasting, high quality wood.

2017.09.23 Saturday

We sell raw wood to sculptors who need a large piece of wood. Please contact us.

2017.09.24 Sunday

2017.09.26 Tuesday

A beautiful piece of Japanese horse chestnut. It is 100 times more beautiful when you see it in person.

2017.09.28 Thursday

We made a delivery of a chest made of Yakushima cedar.

Yakushima cedar has a lot of resin which gives it a long life of more than 3000 years. The chest was very sturdy and had the unique yakushima cedar wood grain. Anybody who knows Yakushima cedar can recognize it is the wood.

The customer has been collecting Kiraku Wood Workshop's furniture for a long time and loves wood very much. When we entered his house, the floor was made by narrar wood and the wall was made by Sakura wood.

The customer loves trees and plants, too. There were a lot of great Bonsai in front of his house and many fruit trees and flowers in his garden.

2017.09.29 Friday
New Arrical

2017.09.29 Friday

New wood slabs in our shop!

Two Yakushima cedar slabs from a 1000+ year old tree
width 80p(117p)× length210p
width 74cm(90p)× length 196p

Yakushima cedar slab from 2000+ year old tree.

width 100p × length 204p

The last Yakushima cedar auction will held next year, leaving only 2 more auctions. Therefore the value of Yakushima cedar will rise, making it more precious than ever.