2017.10.01 Sunday

We had a customer come check the furniture completed before they are delivered. We always carry out this check before delivery, to make sure it is exactly how the customers want it.

The front table is made of Yakushima cedar; the bench is made of cedar's burl.

The back table is made with Japanese zelkova, the chair is made with Japanese Manchurian. We will hold this furniture in our storage until the February of next year. We have a free service to hold their furniture in storage for customers who are planning to move or renovate their house.

2017.10.03 Tuesday

The process of shaping a piece of Mulberry tree into furniture!

1, We sanded the surface of the wood slab and applied middle coat and top coat.

2, We attached the legs. They are mulberry legs. Mr. boss found them after hours of looking, to match the table top.

3, We delivered it!

There was a gate lantern in front of the house which was made by the customer's late husband. She said he loved wood very much. It was a lovely wood lantern.

2017.10.05 Thursday

We went to fix a board we delivered last week. The customer wanted to sand down the corner and make it round. We brought a grinder, 2 kinds of sanders, and coating material to fix it there.

We have an after-sales care service for our customers. Please contact us for further details.

2017.10.06 Friday

2017.10.08 Sunday

Today, the 8th of October is called Wood Day. It is because the combination of the Japanese kanji for 10, "十" and the kanji for 8, "八" makes "木" which is the kanji for wood!

Wood Day was established in 1977 to reevaluate wooden material and architecture.

This day is very special to Kiraku wood workshop, as it had a special discount day today. Thank you for all who visited our shop today!

Speaking of trees.......

A giant tree in Tsukuba-san, a mountain in Ibaraki-ken.

Autumn leaves at a Momiji Festival in Saitama-ken, last year.

2017.10.10 Tuesday

We made a delivery of a Japanese zelkova low table. The customer changed it from a dining table set to a low table. The living room seems to have become more spacious, without the chairs.

This customer used to work for Kumamoto field office and he knows a lot about wood. He said he still likes wood very much.

Please see the beautiful zelkova wood grain.

2017.10.12 Thursday

We have been cleaning the storage building for a few weeks now. A lot of interesting forgotten wood came out.

The big slab of wood that is hanging from the crane is Japanese zelkova.

There were Jindai Zelkova, too at the corner of the building. They had been buried in the underground for thousands of years, when they were caught up in landslides or volcanic eruptions. The color of the wood has matured into a rich, deep brown. "Jindai" means an age of gods. It is a precious wood. I saw it for the first time in this storage house.

2017.10.14 Saturday
Finishing touches on 2 Yakushima cedar slabs

▲This is a Yakushima cedar piece from an approximately 2000 year old tree. It has a very fine grain.

▼When we finish the bark side, we are very careful not to sand too much because we want to leave the natural texture.

▼This one is estimated to be more than 1000 years old.A clear, beautiful grain.

▼If it has a hole, we fill it with transparent resin. It is another technique to leave as much natural texture as possilble.

2017.10.16 Monday
Finishing touches on Narra slab. We sanded down the shiny base coat and put on a more natural looking one. It accentuates the beauty of the wood.

▼Narra slab with basic coat.

▼Finished slab with natural texture coat. It's very gorgeous.

▼The backside is beautiful, too.

2017.10.20 Friday
We made a delivery of a dining table set to a family in Tukuba-shi, Ibaraki-ken. The table top and bench were made from a beautiful Japanese cedar slab. The two chairs are made from Japanese ash.

The customer is an owner of a stone shop. He showed us some stone exterior furniture which he had made himself.

▲India stone mail post. No need to worry about the mail getting wet with rain! The floor of the genkan (entrance) is made of Chinese stone.

▲Makabe stone table set. It isn't affected by rain, too. It's perfect as outside furniture. The pretty model sitting at the stone table is his daughter.

2017.10.22 Sunday
We made a delivery of a table set. It's a combination of Himalayan cedar slab, Paulownia legs and a Zelkova chair. The customer will use it for her sewing machine.

She is planning to start sewing after her retirement which will come in a few years. She seemed to be very excited with her plan.

▼The leg will probably look like this.

It looks very functional!

▼It can be a low table with the same legs.

▼The legs are formed like this.

2017.10.24 Tuesday

We made a delivery of a Japanese zelkova table top with steel legs. The owner loves stained glass and there were a lot of stained glass works in her house. The steel legs complimented the stained glass frames very well, and the zelkova table top looked very good against the sakura floor and stained glasses. Everything in the house from the walls to the furniture were complimentary of each other, and were tastefully arranged.

2017.10.26 Thursday
We made a delivery of Japanese horse chestnut table top. Its a wood slab of 9.5cm thickness. The surface seems to give off a white glow.

The room is renovated from ”doma”. Its celling is high and has a large door facing a garden surrounded by 3 walls of the house. It was a very spacious room.

There were pictures of Kasumigaura lake which was taken by their relative which make the room like a little art gallery.

2017.10.31 Tuesday

A beautiful wood slab of Tokigawa cedar.
It reminds me of the beginning of "Hojoki" because the lines in the wood looks like a river!