2017.11.02 Thursday

Mr. Boss went to Agano lumber center which his wife's brother runs. He sent me some photos, including one of a tree with a trunk as thick as the height of the average person. A branch of the tree weighed 5 tons. Imagine supporting all that weight!

2017.11.03 Friday

 Today's Kiraku Wood Workshop. The wood in the shop looked more beautiful than usual with the nice sun light.

2017.11.06 Monday

We made a delivery of a table top of Japanese horse chestnut slab and oak legs. The table top size is 205cm long, 85-90cm wide, 9.5cm thick.

This tree was from a wild forest; it was not planted by human beings. It is more than 300 years old.

The table fits well into the monotone interior and walnut floor.

2017.11.08 Wednesday

We loaded lumber onto a large truck today. Mr. Boss was deeply impressed by the driver's skill of loading the lumber!

2017.11.10 Friday

We delivered the Tokigawa cedar table top to a family with 3 little kids(One newborn). They looked so happy with the arrival of the new table!

2017.11.13 Monday

2017.11.15 Wednesday

We delivered a Japanese Zelkova table top today. It is a unique piece, and almost seems like it is dancing.

Zelkova is a very heavy wood and its weight makes wrinkles on the surface of the wood and beautiful patterns inside.

We fill the hollow parts with a resin to make the surface flat. Since the resin is transparent, the shape of the hole in the tree can be seen and enjoyed. It is like nature's art.

2017.11.17 Friday

We use a wood stove because we have a lot of wood! It's very warm.
The one wooden slab is Platanus. It looked very beautiful in the store today.

2017.11.19 Sunday

We delivered a Yakushima cedar table.

The customer couldn't decide whether the color of the legs should be Natural Color, or Matte Black. So we brought both of them to their house and let them figure out which one would match the living room better. In the end, they decided on Matte Black. Even a simple difference such as the color of the legs will change the impression of the room completely.

We’ll be more than happy to support you to make the best decision possible.

2017.11.21 Tuesday

2017.11.23 Thursday

We got an order of a bird house for an owl and a kestrel. When we finished making the outer form, the customer brought her owl with her to check out the compatibility of the material and size. He seemed to like the bird house very much. The aroma of the Cypress is a nice touch.
2017.11.24 Friday

We put doors on the bird house. The large grid is for the owl, and the small one is for the kestrel. This part was rather difficult. We decided on not painting varnish inside of the house, so that the birds won't feel uncomfortable. We stuck masking tape inside the door in order to not get the paint inside and proceeded on painting the outside of the cage . We hope they like it!

2017.11.26 Sunday

We got an order of wood plates to make a cupboard with. We chose manchurian ash because it is strong and a good keeping quality with a beautiful color and grain. We cut them to the ordered size, sanded and put varnish on it. We hope they like it.

2017.11.28 Tuesday

The shape of the bench is simple and beautiful. It would go well with both Western and Japanese styles. The final touch was done at our workshop, Kiraku. Polishing, and applying the varnish. This part is the best, because it brings the whole piece together. The one in the back is varnished and the one in the front isn't.
2017.11.30 Thursday

New line up of Yakushima cedar slab.Very beautiful.

The surface hole was filled with transparent resin. The table is completely flat as can be seen with the minions standing upright:P(It's not a black spot.)