Wood grain

    Wood grain is a beautiful pattern which appears in wood. It is a mark of their weight and influence of rain, wind, and humidity etc.. and they are very rare and distinguished from annual rings. Wood grains show how the tree lived in nature.
Big walnut table with a beautiful color contrast
Camphor Tree which has a pronounced pattern. It has a silver sheen to it.

The art of beautiful wood grain

    How the wood is cut makes a huge difference for the final outcome of the surface. The technique is called KIDORI in Japanese. This is a technique only few people have mastered.
giant cypress from Mt. Hutawara in Nikko
Yakushima cedar with complicated and interesting holes

Types of wood grains

    Wood grains have various names depending on its appearance. Some of them remind us of tiger fur, birds' eye and grapes, and are named after how they look.
grape grain
grain of Japanese horse chestnut

Japanese wood is best.

    After a tree is cut down, it gradually increases its strength. For example, the Hinoki tree slowly tightens and becomes stronger over an astounding period of 200 to 300 years. After it reaches its maximum strength, it slowly declines.
    Even after being cut down, it continues to change and grow, affected by the ever changing enviornment of the outside world. It's as if a tree has two lives.
forrest of Kamikochi(photo from Wikipedea)
Horyuji temple(photo from Wikipedea)

Bestselling Wood @KIRAKU

No.1Regin Pine(yanimatsu), Yakushima cedar(Yakusugi), Yew(Ichi), Black Persimmon(kurogaki)
No.2Japanese Zelkova(Keyaki), Mulberry(Kuwa), Chestnut(Kuri) , Cherry Tree(Sakura), Japanese Horse Chestnut(Tochi)
No.3Japanese pagoda tree(Enju), Maple(Kaede), Castor aralia(Sen), Prunus(Kabazakura)
No.4Japanese cypress(Hinoki), Oak(Nara), Japanese Manchurian(Tamo), Walnut(Kurumi), Camphor Tree(Kusu), Elm(Nire)
No.5Japanese Bigleaf Magnolia(Ho), Katsura(katsura), Beech(Buna), Machilus(Tabu)
No.6Rosewood(Sitan), Ebony(Kokutan), Narra(Karin)
No.7teak(teak), walnut(walnut), Taiwan Camphor Tree(Taiwan kusu)
No.8Wenge(Wenge), Sapelli(Sapelli), Mahogany(Mahogany), Bubing(Bubinga)
No.9Laos Zelkova(Laos Hinoki), Padauk(Padauk), Assamela(Assamela)
No.10Monkey pod(Monkey pod), Redwood(Redwood), Purpleheart(Purpleheart)
Japanese Zelkova Booth

Japanese Zelkova
Yakushima cedar
Yakushima cedar