We buy the wood raw to reduce cost.

    Unlike other wooden furniture shops, we participate in an auction to bid on raw wood and saw them up all by ourselves. It's the best way to get excellent lumber at low cost.
    We also sell raw wood to sculptors who need a large piece of wood. Please contact us.
ͺAgano raw wood market
ͺWood for sale mainly to sculptors.

ͺ2016, sawing up Narra tree
ͺ2016, sawing up camphor tree for sculpture
ͺ2011, Cedar from Toyama-ken

ͺ2011, Zelkova from Gose-shi, Nara-ken
ͺ2007, Yew from Ono-gun, gifu-ken
ͺ2007, Yew from Ono-gun, Gifu-ken

ͺ2002, Zelkova from Kashiwa-shi, Chiba-ken
ͺ2001, Cypress from Chichibu-shi, Saitama-ken
ͺ2001, Cypress from Chichibu-shi, Saitama-ken

ͺ2017, Agano raw wood market, Saitama-ken
ͺDecember 2017, Walnut from an auction of Gihu wood market
ͺFebruary 2018, Sakura, Enju, Camphor, Walnut from Agano Genboku Center

ͺFebruary 2018 Camphor Tree from Chiba
ͺMay 2018 Zelkova, Camphor from Agano Genboku Center
ͺJune 2018 Logs for sculpture

ͺJune 2018 Haruna Cedar from Nikko