Store Stock List

We have approximately 300 to 400 wood slabs in the shop. Please come to see all of them in person! The price of wood slabs include legs and finishing touches. You can choose legs here(link). You can see completed products here. inquiry; (Please change _a_ to @)

Price List is here.

Stock at Storage warehouses

Storage warehouses and working studio at Yamagoya  139-6, Yamagoya, Funado, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba

    We have two storage warehouses at Yamagoya and have a lot of wood slabs stored there so that we can respond to customer's request. We also build the furniture there.

Storage No.1
Storage No.2

Wood seasoning

    Wood cannot be used without seasoning because wood containing water will crack and bend. To prevent this from happening, wood needs to be dried for 2-3 years or more.     Kiraku has hundreds of wooden slabs that are in the process of drying.
    The seasoning process also needs the help of rain, so the wood will be left outside in the rain sometimes. When the rain dries up, it takes the water inside the wood away, too. Recently, some companies have started to use huge wood dryers to save time but seasoning with natural rain prevents the wood from deforming more effectively. We of course have hundreds of wood pieces outside.
↑ Air-drying at Yamagoya1
↑ Air-drying at Yamagoya2
Air-drying at Yamagoya3